Company's development / history


1939   Establishment of the Rottbeck rail forwarding in Heiden/Westphalia
1964   Acquisition by Ewald Rottbeck
1987   Handling facility in Heiden (general cargo, part and full loads)
1997   Management by Frank Rottbeck
1998   Outsourcing of the entire Voigt Schweitzer Group network traffic (18 semitrailer tractors, 45 semi-trailer)
2000   Moving the freight forwarder site from Rottbeck to Bottrop
2001   Expanding the operation in Bottrop for the Langnese Iglo customer
2002   Construction of external warehouses
2003   Logistics hall extension
2005   Acquisition of freight forwarder Krage Service Essen
2006   Bochum site purchase
2007   Gefco, Duisburg acquisition
2008   Expansion of the logistics center in Bottrop
2010   Commissioning Western Europe HUB Bottrop