Do you need an external warehouse or regional warehouse?

Are you considering dissolving your own regional warehouse?


We offer even own warehouse space at various locations in the Ruhr area and can implement regional warehouse concepts at 5 locations in Germany.


Your customers are served in their area via our CTL system, which is a nationwide transport system in Germany.                

Advantages of decentralized storage:






The function of a regional warehouse can be replaced by the forwarding agent.


It is transported in full transport units to an area, which creates cost advantages.


The delivery ordered by your customers are area-based and pre-picked and are individually order picked by the forwarding agents at the warehouse.


Warehouse locations:

Managed areas in the Ruhr area:



about 28,500 m² of storage space ≅ 30,000 parking spaces

about 4,500 m² of storage space ≅ 5,000 parking spaces


Additional managed areas:



about 2,500 m² of storage space ≅ 4,000 parking spaces

about 3,000 m² of storage space ≅ 4,500 parking spaces